Resnična skrivnost direktnega marketinga

Veteran copywriter Clayton Makepeace has been extremely successful in writing advertorials for the Internet. In an interview published in his newsletter, The Total Package (May 23, 2006), he surmised that effectiveness on the web was because people are used to receiving free information on the web. He explained:

If you begin a promotion that says, ‘Hey, here’s my product. Isn’t it beautiful?’ You’re really saying, ‘Hey, you know, if you read this I’m gonna try to sell you something.’ Whereas, on the other hand, if you go in with an advertorial appeal and you talk to the person about fulfilling their desires or assuaging their fears or eliminating their frustration, by the time you get around to the sales copy, you’re their friend and advocate instead of a salesman trying to get them to sign the dotted line.

Pa še nekaj se takoj pojavi… Če podjetje tako razmišlja, potem nikakor ne more samo prodati izdelka, temveč se resnično mora poistovetiti z reševanjem problemov, vzbujanjem čustev…. Resnično je to pravo pravilo.

Kaj je tukaj zame… Ali po angleško WTF (se hecam: WIIFM).

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